Friday, August 15, 2014

96 Souls

So, I ended with 96 votes--not quite enough to make me 'Gov' but more than enough to blow my mind. 
I though, for sure, I would be clocking in with 1 vote--mine. So I am deeply honored...speechless really...that 95 other people would have enough faith in me; or just like me; or who resonate with my message; or marked the wrong box on the ballot;  or saw that I had the coolest campaign banner and the most provocative website; or were so disgusted with the current regime that they would rather vote for a candidate that was disqualified than for the usual culprits, out of spite.... What ever your reason, Mahalo.

In my case, this is the reason I voted for me:

Isn't she cute?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Common Core State Standards

There is copious information on line which voters can tap into for an in-depth understanding of the problems with Common Core  State Standards. However I have compiled a few video presentations by the top authorities on the subject @ my blog-spot, Morse4Gov War Room. Please see A Crash Course In Common Core.

These presentations may take up to five hours to view, in all. I hope you would agree that this is a small investment of time considering that our keki--their future...and even their freedom is at stake.

Voters should note that both Neil Abercrombie and David Ige are staunch supporters of Common Core; and have played their rolls in establishing it in our schools. Mr. Aiona also appears to be a supporter as well. The other gubernatorial candidates appear clueless on the subject.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


A funny thing happened in court the other day: We were disqualified.  Just the four of us non-partisans--Misty Davis, Khistina De Jean, Joseph Spatola, and yours truly. 

Mr. Spatola had decided that being  governor was not his thing, after all; so the judge granted him clemency and by the end of the first day, there was only three of us. 

Another funny part was that I was fairly confident that we were already disqualified before they took us to court. As non-partisans, without Lieutenant-Governor running mates, we should have been disqualified weeks ago. Why drag us into court now? I don't know. 

I had received a sheaf of a summons almost a week earlier  from a pounding, yelling man at my screen door, in the middle of my siesta, who later identified himself as the court jester, or something like that. I had to sign for it. It was an invitation to the First District Court, from the Chief Elections Officer, Scott T Nago, Tuesday, 9 AM sharp.  

Wow, Nago vs. Morse.  How could I refuse?  

I'm really glad I went, though, because it was like starring in a John Grisham novel. To get the whole story, you really had to be there. Going completely under the radar, it was the most spectacular event of the 2014 election so none. Drama packed. Characters galore. Sorry you missed it. 

The funniest part was about 4 or 5 hours into the proceedings, when we learned, in an off-handed way, that the ballots have already been printed...and OUR NAMES WERE ON THEM. Suddenly we realized why we were there. The question before the court was "Should our votes be counted or not counted?"  Funny, nobody thought to mention that little detail to us before hand. 

It seems that such a lapse of disclosure would have meant automatic mistrial in any decent Grisham novel, but this was real-world...not to mention, "Hawaii.'  So the court, in its wisdom, and adhering to the letter of the law, firmly sided with the plaintiff in the end; and awarded us defendants with an encouraging lecture that amounted to "Better luck next time."  
The courts opinion was that any one of  us three quacks would make excellent governors and we should continue our pursuit in future elections. lol.

Fat chance.

Feel free to read the testimony I submitted to the Judge. Here's Part One and Part TwoWhen you are done with that, you might want to start seriously thinking about pulling you kids out of school. Good luck.

I will leave this website up for reference for anyone interested in why I ran in the first place. There is also the Morse4Gov WAR ROOM.

Aloha kakou,
Richard Morse--ex-candidate 4 governor of Hawaii, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Hotel Kaka'ako

My gubernatorial-candidate rival and new friend, Jeff Davis, has taken on a task so compelling that I'm almost tempted to concede and endorse him. Single-handedly he has taken on, with unquenchable passion, the rescue of the tented children encamped, with their parents, on the sidewalks of Kaka'ako.

 How? ...he has pitched his own tent there--on the concrete walkway--and rents it out to celebrities like myself, or Tom Berg--ex Honolulu City Council rebel and future House Rep maybe; or  District 6 maverick candidate and 70's rock-star namesake Steve Miller. The list goes on. 

"Did you know that there are 50 kids homeless down at Kaka'ako?" Davis asked me in our first phone chat. "No,  I didn't know that." I confessed.  That's when he invited me for a one-night complementary sleepover at the Hotel Kaka'ako

Street urchins poising in front of The Hotel Kaka'ako, brandishing their Morse4Gov U.S. Constitutions
Guaranteed to be one of the top-ten experiences of your lifetime, or your money back, a stay at the Hotel Kaka'ako is on par with a stay at the Hotel California in that--"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."  Or, more accurately, 'The experience will never leave you.'

Davis, our next governor (if I don't beat his Libertarian ass at the polls) is going to solve this crises--elected or not--to which the rest of us slimy politicians have given voluminous lip service for decades...and have failed.  I'm on board with my opponent on this one...217%...maybe more.

For more details, see this video: Celebrity Sleepover, starring Jeff Davis.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I filed with the State Elections Office, May, 19 2014 

[Proceed to the War Room]

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Oath

Well, I came this close to being governor...before I withdrew. See 'Closing Statement' for the full, true story.

"I, Richard B, Morse Jr., do solomnly swear and declare, on oath that if elected to office I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, and the Constitution and laws of the State of Hawaii, and will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that if elected I will faithfully discharge my duties as GOVERNOR to the best of my ability, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; 
So help me God."